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Freelance Writer and Author of

Dr. Sharma's Fantabulous Fantasies

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New Release

Dr. Sharma's Fantabulous Fantasies
(Dec, 2021)

My new novel is a compelling literary drama that takes up elements from many other genres, such as mystery. Here we explore the mystery of how Dr. Dev Sharma comes to be accidentally dying with a belt around his neck. Reliving the moments leading to his current condition, Dr. Sharma cannot help his playful imagination bleeding into his memories.

He creates surreal stories reflecting his memories and his state of mind, prompted by a mysterious and playful visitor witnessing his struggle. As Dr. Sharma’s mind unravels, fact and fiction interweave, revealing what he and his family have gone through.


The novel takes us from Dev's childhood memories of his elder sister, Amina, through the devastation wrought on his family by an unimaginable tragedy. The gulf between cultures envelops young Dev as he and his mother leave England for Mauritius. There, her newfound religious obsession prompts Dev to seek comfort in Amina’s bedtime stories.


Upon returning to England, his desire to fit back into society causes him to analyse the prejudice and everyday racism he experiences at school. Years later, as a practising doctor, Dr. Sharma discovers his mother’s dark and long-hidden family secret in a shattering episode that leads him to sex workers, a trafficker, and a sex club to understand the past. 

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This genre-hopping novel tells a story that spans continents, taking us on a journey packed with emotion. One that explores the nature of identity, questions how we perceive differences, considers how we think, as well as life’s fragility and its instances of duality that we rarely consider.

In writing the novel I have drawn upon some of my own experiences to write an ambitious and exciting debut. With a ribbon of dark humour, as well as emotional resonance, this novel is a life-affirming message that hope can transcend darkness and that life, despite its fragility, is a compulsion we all live.

Kris Mulliah, author of Dr. Sharma's Fantabulous Fantasies