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This playful, poignant, and highly entertaining psychological drama is a dark, intensely imaginative and unique work. Dr. Sharma’s Fantabulous Fantasties is life-affirming with a distinctly original voice and a style laced with black comedy.


Thirty-eight-year-old Dr. Dev Sharma is in a sticky situation after a misadventure. An experiment of sorts has left him struggling to breathe while his unruly imagination inspires blackly comical and surreal hallucinations. Meanwhile, the voice of a mysterious stranger propels him through disturbing memories; a devastating childhood loss, a fractured family, simmering compulsions boiling over, a quest for truth, and mighty secrets that will be revealed. Together the stranger and Dev discover why he is face-down on his friend Katie’s hideous floral bedspread.

Since leaving his office job to follow his passion for writing, Kris Mulliah has been a freelance writer and has ghostwritten in many different genres. He divides his time between the south and northeast of England and loves travelling, cooking and trying anything new and fun. Dr. Sharma’s Fantabulous Fantasies is Kris’s debut, and he has many ideas for further novels.

Signed - Paperback - Dr. Sharma's Fantabulous Fantasies

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